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Guide to Avoid Scam

Started by bigramil 2016-12-30 at 08:41
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1. Look for contact info. Test the Contact Information.
2. Check the who is data base. WHOIS Domain Result. Duration of time validity - short duration only tends to shutdown. Who owns the domain?
3. Look for testimonials.
4. Look for Associations or any related licensing or certifications.
5. Perform a review search. Simply type in any search engine, " ‘company x’ reviews”. You may want to search for reviews and scams,
6. Never pay by bank transfer.
7. Is the offer too good to be true? When you see very low prices with ridiculous discounts you should be a bit suspicious.
8. The website should also have terms and conditions and a privacy policy which tells you exactly what it plans to do with any data you share with them and any extra contractual rights you may have.

Do not invest too much in any PTC site if you do not know or do not fully understand. You need to invest your money you can afford. Withdraw your earnings regularly and immediately if possible. These sites can pay today and anytime, but tomorrow we do not know, so use your money wisely

Hope this will help.

Happy earning and stay safe!
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